Buildings and the built environment play a major role in the human impact on both the natural environment and our quality of life. At H+H Architects we recognise our responsibility to the environment and have made sustainable design a core aspect of every project we undertake.  


• Build to last
• Source local, recycled or sustainable materials
• Choose no or low VOC products
• Design energy efficient heating and cooling
• Select energy efficient hot water systems
• Consider alternative construction methods
• Maximise natural lighting
• Install rainwater tanks for water use in winter
• Recycle greywater for subsoil irrigation or toilets
• Consider a grid connected PV system
• Technology / appliances that reduce energy use
• Project Management
• Construction Management

At H+H Architects we recognise that our professional role puts us in a unique position to influence sustainable development, create cohesive communities and reduce the environmental impact on the buildings we design.

Social and environmental sustainability is at the core of all our designs and we are committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance in all of our projects. 

Residential and commercial buildings currently account for nearly 25 percent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions but with good design this can be reduced significantly. 

Consumers are increasingly interested in obtaining ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ homes, all the while demanding greater levels of residential comfort and a higher quality of life. H+H Architects are committed to achieving ESD in all its design solutions
without compromising on user comfort. We believe that the most sustainable approach is to design buildings which are inherently efficient, respond to the site conditions, and maximise the use of sustainable materials, products and systems.